About Us

Our mission

Wisedo is a non-profit association.

  •  To develop abilities and communications for visually impaired people to improve their lives.
    To provide electronic devices and other necessary facilities especially smart mobile phones and braille typewriter.
  • To support the rights of the disabled and visually impaired in particular internationally.
  •  To establish a website where visually impaired and able people can communicate, exchange information and experiences together.
  • To help to patent designs and inventions, prototyping to produce, distribute and export products and services or systems worldwide.
  • Financial assistance to blind people in special circumstances In this case, the director makes a decision about that.
  •  To provide employment opportunities for the visually impaired and disabled people who can produce and present their products globally. So they can earn a living and the international community can be aware of their abilities and usefulness. 

SOS Disabled Association Donations

To manage SOS Disabled Association and support its aims:
It should be supported by you, to achieve success financially and so on
• The money:
How much would you like to support this association and its aims:
A . 1 pound p/m
B . 2 pounds p/m
C . 5 pounds p/m
D . 10 pounds p/m
E . 20 pounds p/m
F . +20 pounds p/m
You will be able to activate your direct debit monthly in your bank account to pay that.
This is the SOS Disabled association community Metro bank account number in London UK
Account Number: 35336656
Sort Code: 230580
This is the association PayPal link, you will be able to send in money to that easily, directly around the world.
• Cash bitumen contributions:

It contains the new and second hand fully working mobile phones, suitable clothes, any facilities that it could be used by a human etc.